How to Solve Your Toilet Problem To Wash And Self Cleaning in UK

If you travel to UK, EU contries or United States, it can be very very big problem to use toilets without waslet, toilet noozle or washing apparatus.

Some times you can bring some tap water with you to toilet in England. But it is hard to use. Or sometimes you try to use bath as washing place after toilet. But you can fall over easily, be careful. Or you can use toilet papers but you feel like you are not clean.

In this place if you are just traveler this temporarely solutions ok with you. But you come to settle or live in the UK, you need permenat solution for.

There is a 3 types of solutions to add washing(taharath) water apparatus to your toilet.

Toilet Nozzle

Toilet nozzles are fresh water sprinkles that you can easily ad on your existing plumbing. No needs to hard work even you can install it by yourself.

If you are looking quality toilet nozzles for your home in UK, you can look out this product via this link on Amazon.


Bidets and washlets are easy to use products. Buy it from local DIY store or get it online and install it. This bidets are manuel or electric powered. Bidet nozzles and belonging aparatus install betwen toilet and toiled cover.

Great bidet and washlet products to buy for your home just visit Amazons best selling washlet apparatus via and DIY it.

New Toilet:

If you bought a house or intend to stay long term, easy way is buying ne toilet which has own washlets in built. You can chect it out that toilets from Amazon viaz this link,, they have fresh water nozzle in it.

After buying this products you can ask to fix it on your bathroom for building contractors or plumbers.

Bugünkü konumuz biraz ayıp gelebilecek ama İngiltere ve Birleşik Krallık içerisinde yaşamak için taşınanların en çok sıkıntı yaşadıkları yurt dışında tuvalet ve taharet mevzusu idi. Biliyorum bir diğer problem de şu lavaboların ayrı ayrı çift musluklu olması, onuda bir sonraki yazıda işledim, bir göz atın derim.

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